Lion Heart Murmur

by David Plell

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This album is one horse protecting a bird family from tiny wolves.


released December 1, 2009



all rights reserved


David Plell Seattle, Washington

David uses guitars, synthesizers, pianos, and the cute coffee-table glockenspiel to make songs in Seattle, Washington, and Tokyo, Japan.

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Track Name: Tidal Waves
What do you propose that we do beneath the pink milky-colored sky? Won't you open me up and live inside?
What else would you have me do I want to keep our love alive and dry. Be my pretty bride, bury your heart in mine.

As we watch the asteroid move millimeters toward us across the sky, I joke at the thought of being a man and having a child.

What you propose that we do beneath the pink mil[key]-colored sky, I said won't you open me up and live inside?
There's nothing I'd rather do. I have to keep my love alive.
Please be my pretty bride, hide your heart in mine.
Track Name: I was a wreck avoiding a wreck
'No one's going to die here,' is what I told myself,
driving back to the house, looking out but feeling down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down.

This road keeps the same pace all the time, in a line, never winds. It runs across seventy miles of wheat fields and big combines. Spinning machines work restlessly, pruning stocks of crop and eating up frightened field mice.

I thought to myself, 'I should not be driving! (in such an emotional state)' but the thought itself arrived a little too late. So instead I shut everyone out to get us home. I was a wreck avoiding a wreck involving the road.
Track Name: Favourite Tourism
When I need cheering up I think of my funeral and smile at how many people I think may show up. 12 years ago, I made a choice, caught a plane, threw away everything aside from a picture and cash and some notes and things. Since I've been seeing incredible scenes

but "What good is happiness if you can't share it with someone you love?' That's what a woman came at me with after I explained who I was. "Eventually you're gonna find yourself caught in a rut and you'll need someone else." Politely I walked away, calling her crazy, but her words keep fleeing my mouth.

There is someone that I see in my dreams I guess 12 or 13 times a month. I used to write her letters every week, but after '-Love,' they'd all just turn to dust. I still remember how she'd grab my hand in front of her family and friends. Oh how I can feel it still I'm unsure, god I would love to see you again.

When the end is near I wanna have a beard to show how wise and traveled I am. And when I come back home, with my lips and cracked and old, I will kiss you as hard as I can.
Track Name: Stomach Songs
Closing my ticket into a book I wonder if your pale feet lament the weather wars. High-hoped, fancy and, of course, delicate, Egypt eats your knees right off.

When you fight for food, I think to give to you all
love. We hold eachothers' shoes to travel past the blue and feel pretty new 'doing it.' Every nervous thought I have comes loose from my stomach.

Waiting for winter, fearing the dogs that steal both your legs and drag them back into the dark shadows like a daunting bark caught between trees, as bees are doing work.

Our teeth are social bones. At first sight of snow, we'll be yellow and orange and kiss beneath that bridge and follow all the same plans, so when those demon dogs do come to take us we'll know it.
Track Name: 00000
I came across a little leaf-covered trap, a hole in the ground. I called my sister but she didn't answer I called my brother down. We crawled inside and we dug all the filling out. I shoveled up an orange-colored worm looking big and full ("I'm hungry bro") but I dropped him into a fist-sized crater and replaced the dirt to save his slimy clothes. There's somethin' sweet about blind things that I always hide from my brother. Because he eats all that he sees and he never saves the bones.
Track Name: The Private Quarters of a bald Magician
I saw my card slide from the deck, the man's eyes had been trained in LA by a had-been actor. I stole into his dressing room, after the act there was no one around to catch such a serious boy. I wanna be a magician myself, a real magician.

Mother came inside and saw me floating off the ground and how she screamed. Yeah she screamed so high that I could hardly bear it.

"What kind of monster are you? Taking up the body of a little boy whose body won't do much. What is this demon magic. Would you rather take my husband? Surely he's the better one to haunt."

I let loose all of my tricks at once the colors came all of a sudden vomiting from my sleeves the room filled with elephants monkeys and parakeets and my mother's eyes got so sugary surely she became proud.
Track Name: Glitter teeth
Yesterday morning I chipped my tooth on a tea cup, it didn't really matter, I replaced it with a crown. I just threw my tooth away and let the tea slip into my stomach, it warmed me up as it moved around.

This morning I woke up in the arms of a girl who had made the same mistake that I had made, but she put glitter on her tooth and put in on display in her room and got me thinking, 'Where might that old broken tooth of mine be?'

Success, oh, you're moving away from home to get a job. I'll visit you there but that don't mean that I wanna be found. Success, oh, you're moving away from home to get a job. I'll visit you there but that doesn't mean that you can't still come around.
Track Name: sssspiiirrriiiits
You'd said a hundred times, that window lets all sorts of spirits in the room. This ones a tiny glowing girl without a voice and little wings, how cute. Aww.

She took my little finger in her arms and led me out onto the yard and then our feet began to rise above the ground into the air above the lawn. She dropped me in a home that while within she said I'd never age a day, and then she said, "...but if you go away those little days will turn to years and you'll turn gray."

So I'm making the most of my time here by writing you letters to make you remember my age. I'm making the most of my time here by drawing pictures.